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A Pause in Solicitations

Eight (!) years into publishing smart, creative pieces about rhetoric, Harlot will be taking some time to reflect on and learn from those experiences. Stand by for more conversation about forthcoming changes in and after our spring issue. For now, … Continue reading
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Social Media? Rhetoric? We got that.

We’ve rhetoricked a lot about social media, but it’s hard to locate all the rhetoricking our authors have done. So here’s a list with all our work analyzin’, criticizin’, and, pokin’ fun at social media communication practices. Below you’ll find … Continue reading
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Ready, Set…#DefineRhetoric

Taylor Swift says it best: “Shake it off.” And she’s right. It’s time to shake off last year’s #DefineRhetoric.  Get ready with your new definitions, and Tweet them with a #DefineRhetoric cuz “the rhetors gonna rhet rhet rhet” (Swift 10). For our … Continue reading
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Available Positions

Want to show Harlot some love? Think you can show us how it's done? Ready to play? We're looking for new recruits and fresh ideas — not to mention skills. Work with super-cool contributors and reviewers. Enter the exciting world of HTML. Be a magnanimous zenith of greatness. Er, help keep Harlot's feet on the ground. . .  
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Submission Information

We’ve been getting some questions here at Harlot about our submissions. Not to worry, we have and will answer to those askers directly, but for as many people out there who actually ask, there are more who simply wonder. So, if you’ve been wondering the same thing, hopefully I can answer some for you right now . . .  
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No 15 (2016)

Table of Contents

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Editors' Letter: Call for Solutions
Editors of Harlot

Issue #15

Andrew Rihn
Ryan Smith Madan
Brenda M. Helmbrecht, Meredith A. Love
Jacob Babb
Alexandra J Cavallaro, Melissa K Forbes, Larry Barrett, Robert Garite, Chris Harrison, Reginald Jones, Igor Kazakovs, Otilio Rosas, Luis Saucedo, Tobias Thurman, Agustin Torres, Antonio Walker
Casey R. Schmitt